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July 18th, 2015, 1:14 pm

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Hey all,

Just a little update for you all!

So I have been very busy setting up my life to professionally work on illustration and animation.
Which has meant I have had very little time for drawing my comic and thinking of the revamp.

It is on my list! Don't worry, and the aim is still to have a proper hard copy made of the story so you all can actually get something decent.

If you guys would like to keep up to date with the stuff I am doing, then please follow me on twitter.

Also, do please check out my website:
for all my proper work and updates on comics and the such.

Thank you all for following Socks Mittens and Scarfs, I owe you all for the confidence I got to allow me to proceed in this area!!!
Mr Xvious, July 18th, 2015, 1:18 pm Reply
Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 4:08 pm Reply

Alice waiting for the release of MGS V
Really love how your art style has developed to this point~

If you don't mind me asking, on the Update! 4/9/15 page, what font were you using?

Best of luck to you!
@xox1melly1xox: Hey! I'm glad you like it. I'll hopefully make something decent out of this eventually!

The font I was using is called Alex Bold.
You can get it here:
It's free for personal use only.
@Mr Xvious: Thanks! ^^

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