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April 15th, 2015, 9:04 am

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Hi All Hey all!

I've just done a re-draw of one of the earlier pages in Chapter 1.
This is roughly what the comic might look like if it were fully re-drawn.
What do people think?
Mr Xvious, April 15th, 2015, 9:04 am Reply
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whoa, you came a long way. I mean there's a huge difference in those drawings XD

I'm sure people will agree. Keep up the good work~
@MediocreArts: aww thank you! I'm glad you like the new look. The original comic was a sketch comic, but the more I did it I wanted to make it look good. It really helped my find my current style!
Ahh you should redraw it!~
@butter-bane: I am really tempted to!
If I do, I would do it for publication... either self publish or try and find a publisher to pick it up. If I did a self publishing I would try and sell it at either conventions or on my website
OH yes, that re-draw looks amazing
@pretty jodye flacko: I'm glad you like it! I would be looking to re-draw for sale purposes, so realistically, it would be a while before the comic came back, and then it would be for sale... but the quality of the story and the art would be much much higher!
Yasss redraw it, it's so pretty! And I will totally buy a copy if you publish.
The re-draw looks nice!
It looks great! X2
DAMN! This looks good, I love it.

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