April 9th, 2015, 12:13 pm

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Sorry for the inactivity If you guys have any suggestions, fire away below!
Mr Xvious, April 9th, 2015, 12:13 pm Reply
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Put Vin Diesel in the comic, that will fire things up!
@pretty jodye flacko: Alice's new love interest maybe?
This is your comic, do what you want to do.
@reidcl999: True, but you guys have to read it, so I may as well do something that pleases everyone!

Especially if I want to sell it `u`
@gatsbythegerbil: Well a comic wouldn't be any time soon... so you wouldn't need to worry about finding a load of cash! :D

I think I may just carry on with it... I always intended to use this as a rough story outline, then refine it to make a proper story for publication.... maybe I should do that, I wouldn't want to make it so you guys couldn't read it after all!
@johryn13: I'm glad you like it!
It's having people read it and find it inspiring which has actually given myself the confidence to keep writing it (and it actually helped me get out of a very dark place as well)
I'll probably keep this up for a bit longer... it's not too far away from the end of the story anyway, so it would be good to finish it first I think.
Redraw: Book Form @Mr Xvious: I think a redo in book form is a great idea. We'll have to wait for the comic longer, but when we get it, the whole story will be complete and we'll have it all at once! I think that's worth the wait, but if possible, please update this to let us know if you decide to do the book and when it is finished if you do decide to do it. Overall it's your decision. Thanks for giving us something great to read!
Go ahead and do what you feel is best! :2
Hey sorry I'm a bit late on the reply. The different art styles have a weird way of working for Alice, showing how her life changes and modifies. Though the pupil thing freaked me out for a moment (I just didn't expect it). I think either which way you go will be good, even if it's just a touch up.

I don't think you should be so hard on yourself though, recognize the amazing thing you've already developed. And if you want to make that even better, than yay, but the only thing I'd advise, is try not to lose that central thing that attracted us all in the first place. We were seeing Alice grow and change and evolve...

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