Chapter 6 Pg 127


February 16th, 2015, 5:40 pm

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Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in upload.
I've been playing around with my drawing style a little bit. I'm keen to use this comic as 1: good practice. 2: working out what style suits this comic best.
I intend to re-draw the entire comic when I am done, tidy up the story and then hopefully release a published version of it!

So that leads me onto: Eyes.... with colour... do you like? Crit it!

I have also been pretty ill recently... fortunately not too bad with symptoms, but it's left me very tired after work. So I have been sleeping rather than working on this. Also my better half got very very ill, and I have been taking care of her.
I am better now, so hopefully this will pick up again.
I'm really looking forward to moving it on a bit now! and I can't wait to actually finish it so I can work on it properly in a way I am 100% happy with!
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Hmmm I don't like the look of this!!! Trouble in paradise!? I really like how they look with color eyes it looks cool!!! And good to hear that you feel better now and I hope your better half feels better too ;)!!! So like always keep up the GOOD WORK ^^
I think the change in style could symbolize development of the relationship/Alice's chapters of life? I dunno, I just think that'd be coo
@Neptunian Princess: I'm so happy you like the eyes! I've been wanting to draw them with eyes for ages, but I just couldn't seem to get it down. Of course, as I draw more of it, it will look more natural.
And all lovers have arguments... it's the arguments context you have to be careful about :O

@NumberSix: I've seen it done before... I must admit I'm not a fan of it... it could work if it spanned a certain era though... like through the 50s 60s and 70s... like matching the art styles of those eras...
To me, the eyes seem cringy to look at, but I think I'll get used to it.
It just looks weird as it's the first time with the eyes like that
Relationship I tell ya. :)
Get better soon!

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