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January 3rd, 2015, 6:29 pm

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Happy 2015 guys!
I hope you all had a new year!

I was super busy drawing over new year. Drawing my yearly review of 2014. Which can be seen here:

There is tons wrong with this page that I am not happy with!
But oh well, my computer was playing up a little bit and it would have been a royal pain to re-draw it all. Boo.

Just to let you guys know, I will be taking commissions!
(see commission page on DeviantART: )
I desperately need cash in order to get a new PC as this one is on the blink *no PC, no comic!)
I was thinking of doing $10 character sketches! Colour!
I can do backgrounds too, but that would be more.

If you are interested PM me on here... or send me a message via DeviantART.... or leave a comment here with an alternative means of contacting you!

What I can't draw is: Animals & Mythical Creatures.
Anything else is cool! Just ask, I'm not shy, so don't worry about asking me anything! :D

Love you all,
Have a good year!
Mr Xvious, January 3rd, 2015, 6:33 pm Reply
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Wow, she's still being mean even after getting punched in the face! I wish I was there to teach her right from wrong (through words, not violence). I really hate people like her.
wow, I read the last few updates in one go becuase I wasn't online much over the Holydays: At first I thought Eveline wanted to apologise or something but following the girls just to be THAT mean...I would've felt like punching her as well...still I see why Alice is angry now even if walking away is a bit much...sad page is sad
that mean hook
I wonder what will happen next. <:1
Poor couple.
She's right Simone, you should have kicked her too.

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