Chapter 5 Pg 100


August 20th, 2014, 8:03 pm

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This, guys, makes 100 pages of Socks Mittens & Scarfs! Remarkable! Whooo!

Anyway, if people want me to draw a 100 comic special picture, put your requests in :D
Mr Xvious, August 19th, 2014, 8:05 pm Reply
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Awwwwww. Its too bad that they didn't.

Well lets see. a 100 comic special? I think it would be cute if you had Alice in a prom dress, or maybe a wedding dress, or something like that and have her dancing at a ball or something with another cute girl >.<
temple for dah ladiez :') gawd this comic is so cute, and totally a katrinaXalice theme :)
And with just that strip, I think I have found a favorite character. Katrina is just really funny xD And it seems she could be a good friend for Alice ^^
A better friend than Evaline, that "homophobic bitch" -_-
Cool! I thought it was more then that. Draw a monster Alice! I could use a good monster about now. It's nice being last sometimes. !D
Nice page! I missed the joke. <XD i get it now!
VAGitarian lol
Congrats on the 100 pages! I'm actually really glad Katrina isn't inclined that way. For some reason I am really rooting for her to be that awesome friend.

I'd like to suggest to everyone that we see a drawing of Alice in elementary school being all cute and stuff.
Ah! I forgot - I still ship Alice and Evaline, and probably because I like bitches (if only we could get her to stop being homophobic). Either way that story goes or doesn't go, I'm excited to see how Alice handles what appears to be her first homophobic person (that she knows of)... and just happens to be in very close proximity to her (living situation and all that)
@Nasumi-Ail: I just hope she's not the same blond in the banner, if she is then keep that card in the back of your pocket, so you can say "I told ya so" to all of us. :2
@Nasumi-Ail: (Katrina) will make a nice besty and girlfriend to some smoyo/ Alice. We love you Alice!! Even though we slashed called you a smoyo. <:D
i would actually really like it if evaline was actually a lesbian (or bi or something like that) but she was brought up in a homophobic family and she's convinced herself that it's terrible to be gay and she hates herself for it and alice helps her find herself and realize that its okay to be gay :)

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