Chapter 5 Pg 94


July 16th, 2014, 6:34 pm

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Hey all!
Thank you all for your comments on the previous page!
What do you all think is going to happen next?
Big Lesbian group sexy timez!?
Maybe!? >:D
Mr Xvious, July 16th, 2014, 5:36 pm Reply
Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 3:31 pm Reply

She had a chance. But she didn't take it. She could've said something stupid/funny. If I was her I'd be like "never have I ever sneezed" then dramatic pause and break out into a slightly crazy grin."With my eyes open" DUN DUN DUN! Then they'd look at me like 'wait what...?'
I feel a little "all she needs to do is have sex with a man", suggesting coming on.
Raid the lesbian hipe train! Do it up just because, if you want! XD

What do you mean, "That's it?" Huh? :2

I gave you a shout out on my new webcomic just in case my mind added your art style into the mold, so check it out!
#Why lie when you can be honest. :3
For some strange reason I think that her and Evaline are going to have sex. It seems like the least likely scenario, but I just can't shake the feeling that it's going to happen.
By her I mean Alice.
whoooo go Katrina :D

But I don't agree, kissing girls is way different!
100% of the girls/women I kissed were good kissers...reaaaaaaally good kissers ;)

of all the boys/men I'd say it's about 50%...and the 50% that where bad really had no!clue!at!all! about what to do xD
I hear from even straight girls that girls kiss better than guys. But I've also heard that been said "it's not much different from kissing guys" when a girl experiments with kissing a girl.

But wow, I feel like Katrina is a bit adventurous and open. Also, I don't know but after that virgin comment it seemed to grab her attention. I think something might happen between her and Alice but... overall... I don't think she's good for her. In fact.. she might just want to "take her virginity". Or maybe not.

And then along the way Evaline finally admits she has feelings for Alice. Forgive me... I have a thing for blondes - I can dream.
@Kittys-yay: Haha, it's hard when you are the only one and everyone else is getting pissed, but you can't drink to any of it (note she didn't drink to the kissing a girl one) But I totally would have done the same >:3

@Itoshigo: You see the train of thoughts exactly! But I think the Lesbian train is better... I would totally board the Lesbian train... but I am a man, and therefore would not be able to get a pass ;_;

Also, thank you very much for featuring me on the comic! Being influenced by other comics is great! I take my influences from a great number of places. Many I don't draw like, but inspiration is a beautiful thing!
I take great pride in someone being influenced by my artwork <3
Also your artwork looks great! Very simple, which is a plus plus plus in my opinion! maybe try making the arms even more "bendy" I think it would compliment the art style <3

@Guest: Very Very possibly, homophobes often are closet homosexuals. Scared of their own emotions and attractions... maybe Evaline just needs the right girl to love!

@AliceAcid: I must say I have only kissed a guy once, and it wasn't a proper kiss (only once I can remember) so I can't really comment. I just don't think Katrina was doing it properly :P
I actually don't like kissing very much. I find it very intimate, more so than sex, and I only happily do it with my lovely girlfriend. But even when we first started dating it took quite some time before I was happy to do it in public or anything...

@Nasumi-Ail: I think it all very much depends on who you kiss. I have kissed a few of girls in my time, but only 2 of them were good kissers. I've only kissed a guy once, and it wasn't a proper kiss so I can't comment really... other than it was bristly XD
Katrina is certainly more relaxed and experimental than Evaline :D She maaaay have an interest in Alice... you never know ;)
But yeah, blondes are cool... I actually prefer dark haired girls, but I have dated 2 blondes, though one had their hair dyed a dark red.
Thanks and be proud Sure you can get on! Also, thanks youfor all that stuff you said! It's very cool. Be proud all you want to! It makes me feel like I just won an Oscar for best debut shout outs. <XD With let it go playing in the background. Ok I'm done.

The arms are a bit to noddles for me, but thanks for letting me know it looks like that. I might do it without realizing it! :)

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