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July 13th, 2014, 6:46 pm

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Hey guys,

Just to update you, I haven't been ignoring you,
I've just super busy with trying to arrange to move house. I've read all your comments and I really appreciate the feedback. I know how I want to deal with the concept of mature scenes in the comic now. So thank you all muchly for that.

So, welcome to all our new readers! I hope you continue to read the comic, updates try to be every 4 days.
Also, to everyone who is reading this and is a guest on Smackjeeves, then please feel free to leave a comment on the pages. I can't respond directly to them, but I do read everyone, and I love getting your responses.

Also guys, feel free to PM me any time. I am quite a social person, although I do have a tenancy to forget to respond to messages. ^^;

I also welcome any fan art, or fan stories or anything like that... never feel embarrassed to send me some of those, I love seeing them, and am always happy to feature them on here! :D
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Oh wow. Technically though, Alice doesn't HAVE to drink. It's a game of being honest. And Alice doesn't HAVE to be honest about it. She could just sit there with a smug ass look and be thinking 'ya nobody but me and that girl I kissed know I kissed a girl'
She could just say she was drunk at the time if anyone asks about it later.
what the hell is a uv bubble party?
Oh Eveline... You're supposed to say something you've never done. Lol. But yeah she was very precise in her question, like a viper. What year in time is this by the way Mr Xvious?

Though on another note I think that Alice doesn't want to hide who she is anymore and wants to be open about it. This is the deciding factor... how she begins to label herself in college, the place where you finally begin to define the real you, away from your parents. I'd be interested to see what she picks and I can see conflict arising from both.
the sad thing is that Alice shouldn't have to find excuses for kissing whomever she wanted or be forced to lie about it.

Eveline just brought her into this situation to bully her even more and Alice has to stand her own ground now and stay true to herself...
@Almightyra: For some reason I picture a party in lots of bubbles, like foam bubbles, and having UV lights. I could be wrong.
On another note, I do hope that Alice drinks. I mean its kind of obvious that Evaline is seeing if Alice will drink, I just hope the others stick up for her and not insult her in any shape way or form.
@LunaMagi: Tis what I do when I have played that game and I have been asked some questions I just don't want to answer. But yeah, everyone drinks when they get into uni. I was a mega lightweight when I was 18 and left a hardened alcoholic XD (jk)

@SassyThePokemonLover: It is a good cover up. I think most people have kissed the same sex at some point when under the influence of alcohol. I know I have `u`

@Almightyra: AWESOME that's what :P No, seriously, it's when you go into a club and it is lit only with UV lights... they have a bubble machine which blows bubbles everywhere. Everything white glows in the dark, people usually have glow sticks and wear glow paint, and where the bubbles pop they leave little glowing spots, so everyone looks like a leopard.... it is super cool!

@Nasumi-Ail: haha well she is a homophobe after all, if a homophobes lips touch that of the same sex then they explode into little rainbow coloured particles, they just can't risk it!
But yeah, so Alice is 18 in this, and her birthday is in October (if I recall ^^;) and she was born in 1988... so I make this September 2007 if I'm thinking correctly.
You also hit the nail on the head about they way she is feeling right now. She is totally ready to be out to her new friends... but the confrontation with Evaline has scared her a little... she so wants a girlfriend and she wants to be proud of her girlfriend.

@AliceAcid: It is sad, it really is. In Britain being gay is a lot more acceptable than other places, and the majority of people are ok with it, but never the less, there are still those who are just pathetic about it and those who actually go out of their way to do gay bashing and make life miserable for the gay community. It's terrible.
You've seen though Evaline's plan straight away!

@Crestchan: Bingo! UV Bubble party is pretty much that! only with glow sticks and glow paint too :D
Alice will drink, she just hasn't done much drinking because she is only 18... well nearly 19... But yeah, we shall have to see how the others react to her homosexuality.... if they even know :P
@Mr Xvious: I meant that she could say she was drunk when she was playing the game, because then it wouldn't be a total lie. That IS a good cover up though.
Run it's a trap!
I have to hand it to you for your replies, not many other authors keep in touch with the community as much as you.

You got the dates right as well, Alice and I are the same age it seems :D I hadn't realized she was born in 88 for some reason.

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