Chapter 5 Pg 90


July 2nd, 2014, 6:01 pm

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Hey all!

I'm still super busy and it is taking me time to draw these! I am so sorry!

Anyway, I am glad you like how I am drawing Alice at the moment. I've always thought she looked good in pig tails, so you'll probably see more of her in it :3
Mr Xvious, July 2nd, 2014, 1:03 pm Reply
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don´t choose it? whut? xD
Does that means she's homophobic? Oh, that may become a problem later on..
@Marion-999: I have heard people say that before, and my response is normally exactly like Alice's XD

@WinterDragon: Rings alarm bells when people come out with things like that doesn't it.
Frozen grin Say what?!!!! o,o What did she say? That was so funny that I laughed in surprise.
Hey! Glad you enjoyed your holidays! Can’t wait to read more. Uni/college is great place for lgbtq people to mingle, though it’s not looking it’s starting off very smoothly xD
@happy: Holiday was great, I got sick though, which was sad, but I got to see some places I hadn't been before.
But yeah, LGBT have a good opportunity in uni, being away from parents and all. Shame not everyone is tolerant eh.

@Itoshigo: It's ridiculous isn't it. I have heard stuff like that being said though, which is just sad.
Sometimes homophobic tendencies can point to repressed homosexual desires. What? I like blondes... I can dream.

On a side note, my roommate is like that, he thinks being gay/lesbian is a choice. We've gotten into some heated debates about it before, normally with me winning. He's all cool for it but he still thinks its a choice -.-
@Nasumi-Ail: That is true! Especially with men it seems... but that might be because men seem to be more afraid of other gay men than women... or at least in my experience they are.
The choice thing is stupid... almost funny... but then these people will probably never get it... cause they aren't it, they will never see it from the other perspective... Sad isn't it.

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