Chapter 4 Pg 86


June 1st, 2014, 5:15 pm

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Well this is it folks. End of chapter 4.
I hope you enjoyed that chapter.
Chapter 5 is a chapter I have been planning for a long time and possibly one of the most important chapters in the story. :D

Feel free to throw any comments about the story so far, I love getting them, and value them all. Criticism is always useful!
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aaaawww :c poor thing! I wanna hug, can I hug? pretty pleaaaassseeee?
awww why did they have to end so...anticlimactic...I think this version is actually the most realistic one you could have written and I couldn't think of Cassey and Alice in a working, not forced looking scenario where it wouldn't hinder the process of the story itself...but still awwwwwwwww :( the feels
long distance relationships have a 87% chance of failure
The feels..<:4 Hit me in my feeling gut.
I'm expecting a sexy bombshell for Alice to make up for such heart break >_>
I really like this ending. It in whole, captures the struggle of an online/long distance relationship. I've had two online relationships myself and this summed up both of them pretty perfectly :)

I'm always impressed by how well connected your stories are (they feel real/relateable). When the online relationship cuts communication, it really hits you in the feels as you/she is powerless to do anything of it.

Hey all! Thank you for the comments. I am glad you all liked the chapter end. I think long distant relationships do tend to dwindle out, especially if they are over several time zones, with no real chance of ever going to meet the person. :(

Fingers crossed Alice gets a bit of good luck in the next chapter eh.

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