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May 3rd, 2014, 6:35 pm

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Hey guys!
Sorry I didn't respond to the comments on the last page. I have been so busy lately I didn't have time to process it all.

Thank you all for the comments you did write, I love reading them. It lets me know that you guys are still enjoying the comic, so never worry about leaving a comment, no matter how short or silly :D

Regarding the feedback on the chapter, especially the comments written by @natsumi-ail: and @marion-999: I think I see what I have done wrong with this chapter. It's a little too convenient and safe. Cassy just worked out immediately and there is no drama.
I have to admit that the Cassy part was only supposed to be about 4 or 5 pages long to start what is now going to be chapter 5. But I sort of let it run away a bit and it became something greater than I wanted. Never the less, thank you for sticking with it, and drama and excitement is just round the corner I hope!
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sheeesh! i hope she has money, cuz staten island ain't cheap. though it is a nice place to visit
I haven't minded this chapter, I see it almost like a breather from the previous chapters were Alice was trying so hard to not be gay that she didn't seem to have much time to enjoy herself. So seeing her accepting herself and having fun is pretty adorable.

Of course I can't help but feel some level of impending doom for this relationship, such as the end of the holiday, and long distance relationships are painfully hard to keep going. So I'm expecting some drama in the next chapter or so.

I expect that I'll be following this comic until there's no pages left, I've really enjoyed how plausible it feels.

So maybe I'm just more easily pleased than other potential fans *shrug*.
I like the kiss and how it comes so natural.
Of course the whole Cassy-story is extremely "easy" and drama-free but I still think it's plausible because Alice is on vacation, in another country, around people she doesn't know, that don't know her and will probably never see again so she has nothing to loose and that explains that she just takes the opportunity Cassey offers and runs with it...also Summer Lovin', duh! ;)

Everyone needs a little cute and simple cheesiness in their life once in a while :)
I still love this comic, I think this chapter is really sweet. also i dont think the content is very surprising. alice went through a lot of drama and now that she met someone new and feels the desire to explore the "adult world" rises, she's a little more forward about it i guess xD I like it, Alice deserves more happy times in my opinion :))
So many things for me to comment on... First off... OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE. Super cute kiss!

Second... OMG STATEN ISLAND! Seriously, I feel honored you picked my suggestion, even though you told me you probably would on the previous pages, it's super exciting to see in action. The page looks beautiful.

Thirdly... I think that's the case but like R.I.P. said, it's that moment of calm before things get intense again. Also, sometimes you'll lose some, but don't lose the integrity of your comic because of it. Because that integrity is going to be what keeps us, and others, around :)
i think people are forgetting about being 17, or being newly out. I know that whatever girl that happens to be gay starts hitting on me, I would just go with it. It might be convenient but also pretty darn realistic given the situation. and people, there are ‘pick-up-ers” in every city (girls who aren’t shy about hitting on strangers) so... lol. All I can say is, super happy with the story, not a big fan of crazy drama and bs
desparate... for love~~ <3
@Almightyra: I think they are more interested in seeing each other that Staten Island ;)

@R.I.P: I'm glad you like it. Yeah it's really nice to actually draw her being happy rather than angsty all the time. It felt wrong all the time drawing her with James.
But yeah, Summer Romances are nice, until you really fall for the person... then they can get hard.

@AliceAcid: Oh I am glad you like the kiss. I had a hard time drawing it, for some reason, it just looked wrong ever time. But yeah, it is much easier to be who you want to be when nobody knows you. I re-imaged myself when I went to University, and it really helped me boost my confidence.
@theonewhosaidhellow: I'm glad you think so. When you are young you tend to let your emotions and desires run away with you a little. Especially when it is hard to find someone who likes you.

@Nasumi-Ail: I'm so glad you like the kiss, it was really hard to draw and make look natural for some reason. But yeah, I really like those two together.
Also Staten Island, after you suggested it, I looked it up (All I knew about it before was that it got totalled in Hurricane Sandy) and it just seemed like THE place to go when you go on Holiday to New York.
I guess people are always going to come and go with comics. And you will always get your loyal fans. This is the first time I have made a vaguely popular comic. So I am a little knew to it.

@Happy: Yes exactly right! When you are a closeted, like Alice is, it's hard to find someone to love... and really difficult when you are a teenager and your body is screaming at you to go out and "enjoy" yourself. So if someone does hit on you, you tend to take what you can get.

@jonasfx: Haha yes! Poor Alice hasn't had much luck yet. It's ok Alice, we all love you :D

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