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April 30th, 2014, 7:35 pm

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Feedback?? Hey guys,
I've noticed that I've been loosing fans on here. I wasn't sure at first because SJ doesn't tell you the numbers you previously had but I've spotted it now.

I welcome any feedback from everyone!
If people don't like something or don't like the way the story is going, then let me know! I'd rather make a story that you guys enjoy than one that just I enjoy.

The main story is planned out, but the content in the pages is much much more loose. So anything can be changed really.

So yeah, you can be harsh, constructive negative feedback is still good feedback. For it is the only way to improve after all.

As a side note; welcome to all the new readers! I hope you enjoy the story and keep reading.
Remember guys, you can leave a comment even if you aren't a member...
and on that note, I have replied to all non-member's comments on the previous page. I'm not sure if it emails you guys to let you know <3
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Just saying: I love Cassy she's a really awesome character, her crazy personality, remind me a lot about myself XD
Omg, the waitress.
I love awkward moments xD
hoyl shit that went to sex fast xD
that's usually how it goes I find though
all dat repressed homo lust
She certainly doesn't waste any time
Jesus Christ XD
Started reading this series yesterday, loving it.
check please
I love your comic and I'm sure I always will. You are the major reason I jump on to smackjeeves.

As for feedback, out of the other chapters this one seems lackluster in a way and I'll explain. In the first one, we had Alice struggling with her identity and with feelings towards her best friend. It was scary... dramatic... but kept you wanting to know what happened next.

In the second one, we have her with a guy... trying to force herself into straight-dom. This sometimes turn off the strictly girlxgirl crowd, but overall this chapter gave drama as well. You were on the edge of your seat, pleading that Alice didn't do anything stupid.

On to this chapter... It's cute, and sweet, but lacking in that little bit of drama compared to the others. I think all chapters relay an important time in Alice's life... Discovering she liked girls, discovering she does not like boys, admitting her sexuality to herself, her first date. I love that about the comic.

Also, I may be wrong, because I'm not displeased. But I know this chapter hasn't been as good for me as your other chapters, but we are just at the beginning of it and I'm waiting for it to pickup. It's still good, don't get me wrong, just trying to give feedback where I can.
I agree with Nasumi-Ail (exept that I prefer this chapter than the previous one xD) But I do think you may loose some followers 'cause most people here wants... how to put it..."fast smexy action!" and I really don't think that's the point of the comic. Don't worry about loosing followers, it's normal :'D I think you should do what you like to do 'cause comics that just do what they think "readers want" mostly are very bad and porn0-ercotic webcomis, so please keep your way and don't be afraid of loosing fans ;')I'll always support you!
Hey guys! Thank you all for the comments. I didn't get a chance to respond before the next page update. But I have written something on the new page! Thank you all again <3

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