Chapter 4 Pg 76


April 12th, 2014, 7:15 pm

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I apologise in advance for the crappy artwork. I am tired from work and not in a drawing mood. But I really wanted to draw the next page. Boo.

Also, I have also learnt, with the help of you guys, how to respond to your comments. Am I simple or what :D

Anyway, enjoy the new page.
Leave any comments, questions, whatevers. I love reading them.
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aww yus I ship this even if it doesn't last it's so cute~
//cries over the banner

does it mean alice is gonna end up with a blonde chick and not cassy

I'll enjoy the story no matter how it goes!
Gah so adorable I'm squealing.
@piccolodian: Cassy's a cutie isn't she. She's my favourite love interest I've drawn so far :D
@Poopster500: Don't fret yet, you never know what is going to happen in a story like this!
The blonde girl may never appear...

then again I may just be lying to you all about that >:D
@LunaMagi: Well ya never know what the future has in store :D
I support shipping, shipping is good :D
All I know is she doesn't get into her first relationship until a certain point, as described by the first few pages :3

The banner blonde is cute too. Lucky everyone else though, I'm still on the Jane Train. Eh, I like the ring to that.
Also, shark swimming idly in the background o.o
@Nasumi-Ail: That is true! It has been quite some time since the first page came out... I look back at the art work of the first chapter and am like "ew" *camp voice enabled*
it it always takes some time to work out the look of a character though... so I guess it ought be expected.

and I really need to get Jane back, I miss drawing her.

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