Chapter 4 Pg 75


April 10th, 2014, 7:00 pm

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Hey all,

So to answer your questions :D

If anyone does want a commission,
I was thinking around $10 for a line art kind of thing. Up to around $15 for a colour image... then anything upwards for a colour background and such.
Unfortunately, cause I work full time I have to consider time and productive costs when making an image.
But good news is that I am happy to draw pretty much anything, including adult material.

@poopster500 Welcome to the comic, glad you are reading it :D

@Nasumi-ail, I do have a deviantART site, but it is full of spoilers and OLD art work, I can post a link if you like. I do also have tumblrs, but I hardly use them for my own work.

@Marion-999 You'll just have to wait and see ;)
ahhhhhh theyre so cute!!

//tries to stuff my heart back into my chest
here's to more awesome updates from SMS!
Probably best for me to avoid spoilers then :3 ... Thanks though!

As for this strip if only they weren't so many seas apart.
ahhhhhhhhhh they're so cute. just wanna say i really adore this comic, it's fantastic :D

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