Chapter 3 Pg 62


February 12th, 2014, 6:28 pm

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Hey guys.
I read your comments;
I'm going to try and tweak it back to the original style a bit. As much as I liked the new look, you are right, it doesn't keep in style and it's also twice as much work to do it.
Second, This chapter is nearly finished! Keep with it, I know this is a yuri comic and you all want to see some lesbian lovin'... it will come... Alice just needs to figure this out by herself.
I promise it will go back to girlxgirl in chapter 4.

For some reason this page was really hard to draw. I got a new desk which allows me to put my tablet on the table rather than my knees, and it feels weird. Like having to learn how to use it again. So if it all looks off, then that might be why.

Sorry for the slow updates as well, I am trying to get more of this done. I'm excited for the new chapter and I really want to get on with it... I'm fed up with the girlxboy bit too :P
Mr Xvious, February 12th, 2014, 5:33 am Reply
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yaaaay! girl on girl :D cant wait! ^w^
Xbox 360 white edition, those were the days...
boy, she does not have an ounce of subtlety huh?
just glad you’re still updating, love the art and story, keep it up! <3

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