Chapter 3 Pg 55


November 18th, 2013, 8:01 pm

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Hey guys!

This page was originally draw by hand. But hey, look I gave it a digital face lift and redraw the entire page :D

I'm thinking I might start drawing in a little more detail. Not super fine quality, I like the sketchy look, but not quite as unfinished as it has been looking.

Also I would like to remind people that Alice has just turned 17 in the comic.
Also the legal age to have sex in the UK is 16.

Don't worry, you won't SEE anything "sexual" until she is 18. If there is anything sexual that is...
Mr Xvious, November 18th, 2013, 8:06 pm Reply
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I realized that most of my thoughts these last few pages were "Alice, don't do it!" To continue on the tradition...Alice, don't do it!
james is super cute ugh
i want his beard UGH
i would date him
i love the first few panels -w-
No, Alice, not every one has sex!! DX Even if they does... you can always be a sex-hipster!!
Having Sex just because everybody else has is a pretty bad reason...also, I agree with Marion-999, not everybody has sex and sex that isn't good is also a big waste of time^^
You have no idea how much Alice reminds me of how I felt when I thought I was straight! Every time I thought I liked a guy I would freak out over why I couldn't get myself to want to have sex with him. Thinking back, it should have been really obvious that I was gay XD
WOW! Nice page man! It’s beautiful, I can definitely see a change. Anywho, James seems like a nice guy, surely two months is too early to be having sex... especially since it seems like they have yet to even share a first kiss yet!

Btw, whatever happened to Jane? Ever since the new chapter, it’s as if she’s disappeared... she did say it didn’t weird her out.

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