Chapter 3 Pg 51


November 4th, 2013, 4:33 pm

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Sorry for the long wait,
I had a few issues with the next pages, I just wasn't happy with them. So I have had to tweak them. Finding the time to do so wasn't overly easy.

Anyway, enjoy.

Also remember, Alice has admitted to herself that she likes girls, but hasn't given up on the idea that she might still like boys.
Mr Xvious, November 4th, 2013, 4:38 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 17th, 2019, 9:10 pm Reply

It's okay! Better late, then never. They say!
Looks good though... Not sure I like this guy... get away from my favorite lesbian...
I like this. It's not at all abnormal to feel flattered/nervous/flustered at the prospect of a date or any sort of thing, even you if aren't of that orientation. And that's easy to mistake for possibly liking a person. And anyway, who would turn down a chance to go to the zoo?
ehhhhh...I don't like that guy. He needs to stay away from Alice.
(/ 0^0)/

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